How To Create Contact Form In WordPress

Hello, today i will come to new method to create your contact form in WordPress with in one minute. This method is really fastest method with no coding or programming knowledge required. This method is one of the easiest method to generate or create to thousands to contact form. you also create many contact form in just a second.

Contact form is a form where people or your visitor if your blog make contact with you for personal query. they also contact you to get personal work or give you  sponsorship or advertising of their website.

So, we always create a contact form in our website. so guys, for taking this problems as in wordpress and requested by  many visitor tell to me to get tutorials for  make or generate contact form page. Then i will come with tutorials to make or create contact form page on wordpress.

Before stating my tutorials i will conform with you if this method is not work on your wordpress site then you will ask me on comment box. by the way i am 100% sure that this method is working almost 99% on your wordpress site. I will tell you 5 to 6 steps which you have to do carefully so, read my steps one by one

so guys let’s start my tutorial to create contact form page….

1.  Download Contact form 7 Plugin

you need to download contact form plugin by searching on add new plugin search bar but you will see there is lot of contact form plugin available. so , you must have download original contact form 7 plugin, so you need to download by clicking here and you must match the logo as look as this below image.


2. Install Contact Form 7 and Activate It

Now you have to click on install button to install on your site and after installing contact form 7 plugin then click on active button to working on your website.

This is very simple after active it you will see contact form 7 on plugin option or you many see on your left side dashboard below on comment option.

3. Click On Add New Option

After successful activation the contact form 7 plugin move your mouse cursor to contact option on your computer or laptop. you will see three option click on second option that is “add new option”. This option make to create new contact form for your website.

4. Click On Save Button

After clicking add new option you will redirect to another page where you will see some code that are used to making contact form page. scroll down the page you will see a save button below on this page, simply click on it After clicking you will see a one line code just copy this code like below..

5. Copy The Shortcode Code

After clicking on save button you will a code on the top of the this page you need top copy the shortcut code and paste on your pages where you want to insert your contact form.

It is just simply you will see a code like below image.

How to create contact form page

6. Paste The Shortcode Code On Your Page

You ned to create a contact page for your site after creating page , Go to your page where you want to appear contact form page and simply insert the copied code in your content area. you must  paste this code in virtual. You can see like below image



7. Now Open Your Contact Page

hurrah! you have done all steps successfully and just open your page to go view page option . here you will see that your contact form page is successfully generate on your wordpress site

contat form create on wordpress
contat form create on wordpress

I hope this method is easy and you create contact form for your site. if any problem that have face while creating contact form page you can ask me in comment section i am really happy to fix your problem.


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